Loose Moissanite – South Africa

Aria Jewellery sells a range of brilliant colorless and near colorless Moissanite stones in a variety of shapes and size selctions.

Our moissanites are guaranteed to have the best color, cut, carat, shape, and brilliance possible. You will find that our Moissanites are created to have the most fire and shine the brightest in any light conditions. They are perfect in any size for your new white, rose, or yellow gold classic solitaires.

A moissanite stone shares the lavish look of a diamond and for most people, the two are indistinguishable. However, moissanite stones do offer a more brilliant display of refracted light. The added dazzling qualities, along with the fact that you can find moissanite stones for sale at a fraction of the price of a similar diamond, makes these jewels an increasingly popular choice.

Loose moissanite deposits are incredibly rare, with the first one after Moissan’s discovery occurring fifty years later.

Thanks to the strictly controlled lab environment, you can only find moissanite for sale that has been thoroughly inspected.

Moissanite’s natural characteristic is to display a magnificent brilliance. The jewel’s ability to reflect light is second to none.

One of the main differences between a moissanite stone and a diamond is that it has a more exceptional sparkle. Moissanite also has a higher level of dispersion, this is its ability to reflect colored light (known as fire).

There are several benefits of purchasing loose moissanite stones. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect shape, size, cut, and clarity to be the focal piece for a new piece of jewelry.

The primary benefit of choosing a loose stone is that you have the freedom of choice. You can dictate the exact gem that you’re looking for, and since it’s loose, you won’t have to pay extra for a setting that you may not want.

For the best in loose moissanite in South Africa, make Aria Jewellery your first choice